New thickness monitor controller TMC-13

New thickness monitor controller TMC-13 designed for monitoring and controlling any coating and deposition processes. [see on youtube]


TMC13 is the newest technology electronics designed for monitoring and controlling any coating and deposition processes. Up to six channel inputs and two additional vacuum gauge channels together with 6,5 " TFT display makes this unit really unique and universal. Sensor inputs can be assigned to different materials with individual parameters as well. High speed and high accuracy measuring process controlled by DSP processor improves the film quality and repeatability. It brings also the features of accuracy, stability and instrument configuration.



  • Six channels inputs in standard - average value possible
  • 6,5 " TFT touch panel display with active touch interface
  • Compact design
  • Two inputs for any active vacuum gauges, analogue configuration possible as well
  • Wide range of interface on demand (USB,RS232/485, Ethernet, Bluetooth) can be added anytime
  • Shutter and I/O Relay Outputs - independent to channel programmable
  • Two analog outputs for rate and thickness monitoring with 16 bits resolution
  • Unit WEB enabled
  • Industry Standard 6 MHz Sensing Crystal
  • Frequency resolution 0,1 Hz





Supply voltage 100 - 240VAC 50/60HZ 2.2A
User interface TFT LCD 6.5", 400x240px with integrated touch panel
Communication Interface RS232/485/422, USB, EtherNet/IP, Bluetooth
Dimensions [mm] W: 212.6 mm (42HP), H: 128.4 mm (3HU), D: 260.9 mm
TM13 sensor inputs 6
Thickness 0 - 9999000 A
Rate 0 - 9999 A/s
Frequency resolution 0.1Hz
Frequency Range 2-6 MHz
Thickness Resolution 0.1 A
Rate Resolution 0.1 A/s
Tooling Factor 1 - 400%
Measurement units A, kA, nm
Measurement period 0.25 s
Shutter control manual, time, thickness
Shutter Time 1 - 1000000 s
Shutter Thickness 0 - 9999000 A
Pressure channels inputs 2
Compatible sensors ITR90, ITR100, PTR90/225/237, CTR90/91, TTR90, TTR211/216, MKS 870B Baratron and PG105
Measurement units mbar, Pa, Torr, Psia
Degas Time 1 - 3 min

• 8 relay outputs (2 outputs with COM NC and NO contacts,

6 outputs with COM and NO contacts)

• 2 analog outputs: 0-10V (thickness, rate, pressure)

Inputs 4 digital inputs (in 5V logic)
Operating temperature 15 - 40°C
Weight, approx 3 kg

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